Fall Share Curbside Pickup—Half Share


As a new program, it's inevitable that some kinks will need to be ironed out, but here's our concept of how the curbside option will work:


1. Once the morning harvest is complete, farm staff will assemble your share into one of the farm's plastic crates.

2. When you arrive during pickup hours, you will approach or enter the Tin House and let staff know you are ready to receive your share.

3. Farm staff will deliver the crate to a table in front of the Tin House, where you will transfer the share items into your own bags.

4. Curbside pickup runs 2:00-5:30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:30am-12:30pm Saturdays.


What the curbside option offers:

1. The guarantee that only farm staff will be handling your food

2. A means to avoid entering the Tin House


What the curbside option does not offer:

1. Individual packaging of all your items. 

2. Concierge/Instacart type service. 


We understand the anxiety that many people feel, and we hope the curbside option will help. At the same time, ask members to have patience with us as we seek to balance the heightened demands of the moment with the typical demands of farming.

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