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Summer Apprentice Program

Program Description

The summer apprentice program is designed for young people interested in exploring organic, community-based agriculture as a career option. Apprentices will work alongside our 4-person crew of experienced growers and benefit from their combined 50+ years of experience. The unpaid apprenticeship is an exchange of labor for education.

Organic, community-based agriculture is complex, and a wide range of skills are necessary for success. On any given day, a grower might scout for pests, fix a broken tractor, troubleshoot irrigation, seed a winter's worth of carrots, engage with customers at the farm stand, and post all about it on social media. The work is romantic and monotonous, thrilling and tedious. 

Program Dates

June 30 — Aug 30

Wednesdays & Fridays

Apprentices must be willing to embrace the following:

  • physical labor

  • heat

  • bugs

  • rain

  • smells

  • people


To Apply

Email a resumé and two references to

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