Farmers Plant Sale

—the right plants at the right time

We use top quality seeds and top quality potting mix for healthy, vigorous plants. Equally important, we only sell plants when the time is right. We know that tomatoes planted in April will struggle, but that those planted in mid to late-May will thrive. Your success is our success—if we're selling it to you, we're planting it in our fields, too.

Got questions?

Our farmers are always on hand during sale hours for advice. 

April 3, 10am–1pm, herbs & greens

April 17, 10am–1pm, herbs & greens

May 1, 10am–1pm, herbs, alliums, & greens

May 8, 10am–1pm

May 15, 9am–3pm, Farm Tour at 10am

May 16, 9am–3pm, Farm Tour at 10am

May 22, 10am–1pm

May 25, 2–6pm

May 27, 2–6pm

May 29, 9am–1pm