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Tin House Art Show
2023 Theme: The Wildlife of Restoration Farm


We have a lot of talented people in our community, and the art show is an opportunity to showcase those talents, celebrate the fruits, roots, and leaves of our labor (each contest has a theme), and brighten up the Tin House. The art show is open to everyone!


1. Artist's name

2. Minimum size: 5”x7"

3. Maximum size: 11”x14”

4. For electronic submissions, a high-res image (150dpi/8”x10”)


1. Original artwork can be submitted at the farm stand

2. Electronic artwork can be submitted via email:

Entries are due by April 30.
Artwork will be displayed inside the Tin House throughout the season.
Weather permitting, all artwork will be displayed outdoors at the annual plant sale on May 13.
All participants will receive a $15 gift certificate to the farm stand.
All questions can be emailed to
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