Berries, Herbs & Flowers


Members can pick berries, flowers, and herbs whenever staff is at the farm and the gate is unlocked.

Definitely Open
May – October
  Tuesdays 8am - 6pm
  Wednesdays 8am - 4pm
  Thursdays 8am - 6pm
  Fridays 8am - 5pm

  Saturdays 8am - 1pm

Probably Open (no guarantees)
May – October
  Mondays 9am - 4pm


Who Can Pick Berries?  Berry picking is reserved CSA members and share partners who have paid the Partner Fee.

How Much Can Members Pick?  CSA members and share partners can pick the weekly or seasonal quota, regardless of whether they have a full or half share. For example, if the quota is one pint, both the primary member and the share partner can each pick one pint. Quotas are posted online on the "Berry Quota" tab on the CSA members page, and on the Tin House chalkboard.


Herbs and flowers are reserved for CSA members and share partners who have paid the Partner Fee. We don’t issue weekly quotas, but members are expected to be considerate and pick what is reasonable for their households. Members must also familiarize themselves with proper harvesting techniques and use scissors or pruners at all times.

Please Note

Many of the perennial herbs (oregano, sage, thyme, savory, etc) should not be harvested beyond mid-September so that they can harden off before winter. The removal of the wooden signs indicates that harvesting has ended for the season.


Need herbs for Thanksgiving? Late spring is the best time to harvest, when the perennial herbs are at their vegetative peak. Simply cut a bunch, tie with twine, and hang upside down to dry.