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Seasonal Quota: 1 quart (i.e. 2 pints or 4 half pints)

Blueberries are not like strawberries. They ripen slowly over a long period of time, and it takes a lot of berries to fill a container. So rather than issue weekly quotas, we issue one seasonal quota. If you can't fill your seasonal quota in one visit, just come back for the rest later (we'll leave it to you to keep track of your quantities). All full-share and half-share members, as well as share partners who have paid the membership fee, can pick the seasonal quota.



We now have TWO blueberry fields. The original bushes, planted in Pond Field in 2009, are still producing loads of fruit. Our crew, however, has shifted focus to the Chapel Field bushes, planted in 2019. How does this affect you? The Pond Field rows are full of tall weeds, but they don't have bird netting. The Chapel Field rows are weed-free but do have bird netting. Members are welcome to pick from either field.


Birds love blueberries! Like most commercial growers, we net our bushes to minimize the damage. Our nets are secured to the ground with rebar, and clothespins are hung so you can hold the nets out of the way while picking. Please take care to replace the netting and rebar when finished.

Oh no! A bird is caught in the net! What do I do?

Birds are easy to release with TWO people. One person should stand at the end of the bed holding the net up high while the other person slowly and steadily shoos/urges the bird from behind towards the opening.



Babies and kids can easily eat their body weight in the blueberry patch. We applaud their enthusiasm, but we also ask parents to be mindful that field snacking counts towards your seasonal quota.

Picking Hours:

  Definitely Open:

  Tuesdays 8am-6pm

  Wednesdays 9am-4pm

  Thursdays 8am-6pm

  Fridays 8am–5pm

  Saturdays 8am-1pm

  Probably Open (no guarantees):

  Mondays 9am-4pm

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