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CSA Frequently Asked Questions

CSA — Community Supported Agriculture

How much food will I receive?
It’s seasonal, and there are no guarantees. For the best frame of reference, see our list of last year’s weekly harvests.

Where is the food distributed?
At the farm.

What are the pickup days and times?
Tuesday 2 - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

Are pickup dates flexible?
Because we harvest for the specific number of people expected that day, we ask members to stick to the schedule.

What if I can’t make a pickup?
Ideally, you would arrange for someone to pick up your share for you. If that's not possible, you can reschedule if you provide 48 hours notice via email.

Is the food boxed?
No. Food is arranged indoors for members to gather themselves. A chalkboard lists how much members may take, and scales are available for items that must be weighed. Someone is always present to assist.

Do I have to work at the farm?
Members are not required to work.

Can I split a share?
Yes, but if your partner wants to participate in the pick-your-own items, the Partner Fee is required. 

Does being a CSA member involve much walking?
The parking lot is a 200-foot walk from the building where food is distributed, as well as from the herb and flower gardens. The vegetable and berry fields are a ¼ mile walk from the parking area.

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