How to Cut Fresh Flower Bouquets


Members can pick berries, flowers, and herbs whenever staff is at the farm and the gate is unlocked.

Definitely Open
June – October
  Tuesdays 8am - 6pm
  Wednesdays 8am - 4pm
  Thursdays 8am - 6pm
  Fridays 8am - 5pm

  Saturdays 8am - 1pm

Probably Open (no guarantees)
June – October
  Mondays 9am - 4pm


Fresh flowers are one of the highlights of CSA membership. Who doesn't love a bright bouquet on the kitchen table?

The flower beds will bloom into the fall if members pick carefully. Moderate bouquets with short stems (12" or less) ensure an abundant supply for everyone.


  • cut in the morning, before it gets hot

  • always use pruners or sharp scissors

  • for branching varieties (zinnias, sunflowers, strawflowers, etc), cut just above branch so new buds can bloom

  • remove leaves from lower portion of stems

  • place stems in water immediately

  • change vase water daily


Display bouquets in colored, pint-sized ball jars—the perfect size for short stems.


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