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How to Cure Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be eaten straight from the ground, but for maximum sweetness and shelf life, they should be cured for 10 days. Ideal curing conditions are 85° with 85% humidity. We usually cure all sweet potatoes in the greenhouse, but in the event of a bumper crop, we might rely on CSA members to do some curing at home.


How to Cure Sweet Potatoes at Home


  1. poke holes in a plastic grocery bag & fill with one layer of sweet potatoes

  2. close bag & set bag in sunny window for 10 days

  3. after 10 days, potatoes should be moist and harder to the touch

  4. wrap each potato in a single sheet of newspaper & stack in a cardboard or wooden box (no lid)

  5. store in a basement, garage, or other dark room where temperature is as close to

  6. 55°-60° as possible

  7. after 6 weeks, potatoes will be at peak sugar content

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