Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome volunteers during our monthly Saturday volunteer mornings. On these mornings we tackle various jobs that appeal to a broad array of interests and skill-sets. Well-behaved kids are welcome! 

Seasonal Schedule, 2019

May 18, 9am —12pm

June 15, 9am —12pm

July 13, 9am — 12pm

August 10, 9am — 12pm

September 14, 9am — 12pm

October 12, 9am — 12pm

a note about kids...

As farmers and parents, we can vouch that toddlers and young children are too young to accomplish meaningful farm work. That said, they themselves benefit from exposure to hardworking adults. By all means, bring your little ones, and let them play alongside of you while you work. As they mature, they’ll start making real contributions. 

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