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Harvests Have Begun

Kale transplants awaiting row cover.

I’m happy to have a heavy haul of greens, despite the cold April, and I owe it all to row cover. Row cover is a lightweight fabric laid directly on the crops to keep out pests and to provide extra warmth. It can be a challenge to manage—it’s easily torn and blown about—but after years of watching the spring crops struggle, I realized it was my only option, if I wanted quality harvests in June. This year I hope to provide CSA members with more choice. Keeping the pickups uniform keeps things fair, but it doesn’t always keep it interesting. I know not everyone loves kohlrabi! I hope that by offering more choice, members will get greater satisfaction, and I’ll have the flexibility to try new crops. This year’s planned newbies are bulb fennel and rutabaga. But…much as I respect your sovereign tastes, I think everyone should love mizuna! While other Asian greens struggle, mizuna thrives, making it a farmer’s favorite. Yet it sits untouched at the farm stand, all for a lack of understanding. So here’s my pitch:

Mizuna: Japanese mustard with frilled leaves and mild flavor.

Why you should love it: It’s easy! Toss it in salad, sauté it, add it to pasta, the uses are endless. It’s high in vitamin C, folate, iron, and antioxidants. Who knows, it could be the next kale, and you could be ahead of the trend!


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