Do the Berry Hustle!

It’s strawberry season, and CSA members know it. They zip into the Tin House, grab their quart containers, and head to the fields with purpose. “The Hustle” plays in my head as I watch them go. These members know the brevity of the season—that strawberries wait for no one. Layabouts will be disappointed, but hustlers will be rewarded.

This year the strawberries are in Chapel Field, the far-flung field with a beautiful view of the Manetto Hill Church. Dan and I had misgivings about planting berries so far from the Tin House, thinking that members would resent the longer walk, but so far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. In previous years, members could skirt most of the farm on their way to Pond Field, where the berries had always been planted, but now they stroll past peas, lettuce, carrots, and more. No doubt they are making dozens of discoveries along the way. Far from a punishment, the longer walk seems to be a pleasure.