First Jealousy, Then Gratitude

Our crew was out in full force yesterday, mulching garlic, shedding layers, happy to get a workout after weeks of relative inaction. Peter was back from his adventures upstate and abroad, Steve was eager to flex some muscle in between chemo treatments, and Lisa and I were just happy to be out in the fields. We were joined by my sister, Liz, a dance studio owner seeking to improve her choreography through fieldwork. You never know...The Wheelbarrow Hustle could be the next Lindy Hop. In all honesty, mulching is straightforward and monotonous—not the stuff Tony awards are made of. Load your wheelbarrow with leaves, lumber down the wheel track, dump the load onto the bed, and repeat—for hours on end. You could easily go nuts from so much repetition, but lucky for us, there are several ways to keep cool. You could 1) tackle it as a long-distance athletic event, 2) embrace it as a meditation exercise, and/or 3) stay focused on the big picture—that in contributing to the health of the soil, you’re contributing to the health of the planet. Any of these approaches will give you a taste of the farm Kool-Aid. If you taste it and find yourself coming back for more, odds are you’ve fallen in love.