Mid-Summer Grind

August 15, 2021

Ahhh…mid-summer…when a bad day leaves you wishing for an early frost, and a typical day leaves you eating your body weight in Sun Golds.

Tomatoes always take center stage in summer, but this year they share the spotlight with Peter’s Oddballs. Last spring we gave Peter a quarter acre in Lower Crooked Field for his various “oddball” items. We nicknamed it Peter’s Magic Carpet Ride, knowing he would turn it into something magical. It’s the first field you see as you emerge from the woods, and if you’re accustomed to our style of regular, uniform rows, you’ll probably scratch your head and wonder what the heck happened. At the moment, Peter’s got corn in a cage, a patchwork trellis full of beans, a giant pumpkin that’s 300 lbs. (and still growing!), and sunflowers scattered throughout. Since June, he’s harvested long beans, speckled beans, sweet melon, bitter melon, ground cherries, sweet corn, and “rattail” radish, a seed pod that feels like a stringbean (crisp and crunchy) but tastes like a radish. Peter’s Oddballs has become a highlight of the summer farm stand, sparking plenty of conversation (Rattail what???!!!) and giving the tomatoes a run for their money.