Picture Perfect Incomplete

May 12, 2021

Holy moly, there’s a lot going on. So much to do, so much to tell...

So far so good, as far as spring transplants go. I never take this for granted, having suffered a painful share of springtime losses over the years. Our takeaway from these losses is that it’s always better to transplant fashionably late, and that row cover is our best friend. From late-April to late-May, our young plants are mostly hidden under billowing sheets of row cover. It isn’t conducive to farm photography, but it’s worth the ugly duckling wait. Just today Peter and I pulled the cover off the kale, chard, and collards, and we marveled at the difference between the 99% of plants that flourished under cover and the unfortunate 1% that missed the cut and were set back by frost, geese, leaf miner. All hail row cover!