Going Pagan

Merry Winter Solstice! Last weekend we hosted our annual Solstice Soup and farm stand. In spite of the rain, it was still a fun time. The Soup began in 2012 when, faced with a surplus of storage crops, Dan and I calculated that we could clear out the walk-in cooler if we lured people in with free butternut squash soup. Seven years later, what began as a small, bring-your-own-bowl event has evolved into a multitude of soups, a fully stocked farm stand, and a bulk sale. Not surprisingly, there’s still a surplus at the end. This, in turn, had prompted Dan to suggest that we continue selling deeper into the winter. For now, I’m content to let him go it alone while I attend to Christmas cookies. Once January rolls around, I may be in a different frame of mind.

Solstice Soup, 2018

Solstice Soup, 2014