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The Garlic Is In

Most members celebrate the garlic harvest because they love garlic, but I celebrate it for other reasons, too. More or less coinciding with the summer solstice, the garlic harvest marks the season’s climax. June is the month when everything is happening all at once. There are still entire fields to plant, tomatoes to stake, potatoes to mulch. Meanwhile, the weeds are growing at breakneck speed. And of course, harvests and CSA distributions are underway, requiring their own share of labor and time. To me, the garlic harvest is the season’s dramatic crescendo. The job itself is one of the biggest. Over six thousand bulbs are pulled from the fields, sorted by size, tied into tight bunches,

Pest Control

On your way to pick berries this week, you may notice our newly-planted field of winter squash. You may also notice that the plants look white. Cukes, zukes, melons, and winter squash are prime eating for cucumber beetles, which feed on the leaves and spread bacterial wilt. Large established plants can usually withstand the damage, but new transplants are especially vulnerable. So for the past few years we’ve been spraying our seedlings with kaolin clay help them through. The white clay particles stick to the beetles, creating a hostile environment, and the beetles fly off. If this year’s spinach crop was a success, it was no thanks to leaf miners. Adult flies lay their eggs on the undersi

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